Information about the restaurant

Information about our restaurant at Playa de San Juan, Alicante.

Looking for an Italian restaurant in Playa de San Juan? Enjoy the best Italian food in this area of Alicante at your La Mafia restaurant. Sit down to discover an innovative menu with all kinds of Italian specialties, beyond pasta, pizza and risotto. Discover our specialties in the new menu and taste our high-quality products with Italian D.O.

In addition to our menu, you can enjoy special menus for groups of 12 or more people with prior reservation. Take advantage of all the benefits of our outdoor area and children’s area.

Much more than an Italian restaurant: discover La Mafia Playa de San Juan, Alicante!

Our restaurant, with ample capacity, also has a terrace and an outdoor area to play football and basketball. The little ones are more than welcome and have a children’s area with monitors at special times. Discover everything our restaurant in Playa de San Juan has to offer!

Hours of operation

Monday to Sunday: 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 20:30-00:00


200 people.


Yes. 50 guests.

Additional services

Menus for groups starting from 12 people and with a minimum of two days’ notice.

Outdoor area to play football and basketball.
Children’s area with monitors (children from 3 years old), having consumed a Piccolino menu. If they come having eaten from home, they can access the children’s area for an extra fee (5€ per child).
Children’s area hours:

Winter: Friday and Saturday dinners. Saturday and Sunday lunches.
Summer: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday dinners. Saturday and Sunday lunches.
All holidays of the year, lunch service and dinner service on the eve of holidays.

Photos of the restaurant


Sodexo, Ticket Restaurant and Cheque Gourmet at Playa de San Juan

We accept Cheque Gourmet , Sodexo and Ticket Restaurant in our italian restaurant. We are waiting for you to offer you the best Italian food in our restaurant located at Playa de San Juan.

Tickets RestaurantS