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5 pasta sauces: classic, easy and quick.

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Looking for an easy and quick pasta sauce? There are hundreds of delicious ways to accompany Italian pasta, both dry and stuffed, that go far beyond tomato sauce. So in this article, we rely on Italian cuisine to give you 5 ideas for spaghetti, macaroni or ravioli sauces. They are classic sauce recipes, but based on simplicity and speed.
From the popular arrabiata sauce recipe, to authentic carbonara or pesto with the freshest ingredients.
In each of them, we recommend the choice of classic Italian pasta, as we do in our La Mafia se sienta a la mesa restaurants, where you can choose the pasta you like the most, with recommendations for the type of sauce that best matches it. We start with our pasta sauce compilation! Image of one of our star combinations: Egg Papardelle with Tartufata sauce (cream, mushroom, pepper and black truffle) Image of one of our star combinations: Egg Papardelle with Tartufata sauce (cream, mushroom, pepper and black truffle)
1. Arrabbiata This macaroni sauce undoubtedly has a great “”””personality”””” that you can modulate depending on the chili pepper you add. A classic of Roman restaurants and homes that is also one of the best pasta sauces for lovers of spicy food. For a serving of 2-3 people you will need:
• 50 milliliters of EVOO
• 25 grams of bacon
• 1 can of whole peeled tomatoes
• Fresh basil leaves
• 1 garlic clove
• Cayenne pepper to taste

Arrabbiata sauce recipe
Brown the bacon in the olive oil and add the tomato, chili pepper and a little salt, letting it simmer over low heat. When the pasta is al dente, turn off the pan, add the mixture and mix well. Serve with grated cheese, such as pecorino romano. This is the result of our potato gnocchi with smoked Arrabbiata sauce and orange and mustard sauce. A #TopOriginale dish!

2. Burro e Pomodoro
This combination of butter and tomato is probably one of the easiest and simplest sauces in Italian cuisine. Despite its simplicity, the ingredients used guarantee success both as a sauce for stuffed pasta and for macaroni and spaghetti. For 250 grams of pasta (about three servings), you will need:
• Half a kilo of fresh tomatoes or a can of whole peeled tomatoes
• 50 grams of butter
• Salt

Butter and tomato sauce recipe
Prepare the tomatoes in large pieces: if they are fresh, you will need to remove the skin and seeds. Add them to a pan over low heat with the butter and a pinch of salt. Let it cook for about 20-30 minutes. When the pasta is al dente, pour it over the hot sauce and serve with grated parmesan cheese.

3. Carbonara If you want to learn how to cook this delicious sauce, we recommend reading our original Italian carbonara sauce recipe. You’ll lick your fingers!
This spaghetti sauce is traditionally prepared with bacon and egg, although there are different versions with cream. Once you try this version, you’ll fall in love with the classic carbonara! For 250 grams of pasta, you will need the following ingredients:
• 2 egg yolks
• 50 grams of bacon
• 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
• 15 grams of butter
• 2 tablespoons of pecorino or parmesan cheese
• Salt
• Pepper

Recipe for Spaghetti Carbonara
In a small skillet with oil and butter, lightly brown the bacon and remove. While the spaghetti is boiling, lightly beat the egg yolks and mix them with the cheese, salt, and a pinch of pepper. Add the al dente pasta to the bowl where you mixed everything and, finally, add the bacon. Ready to eat…immediately!
Discover in our restaurants the exclusive recipe for traditional truffled carbonara spaghetti, with Italian bacon, pecorino, egg yolk, grated black truffle, and pepper.
4. Pesto
A delicious Genovese-style pesto is another easy pasta sauce alternative, especially to serve with fettuccine or other long dry pastas such as spaghetti or its small version spaghettini. For 2-3 servings of pasta, look for the following ingredients:

• 30 grams of fresh basil
• 5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
• 1 tablespoon of pine nuts
• 1 clove of garlic
• 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese
• Basil pesto recipe

Pesto Recipe
Process all the ingredients except the cheese with a food processor. Once mixed, integrate the cheese. Ready to serve!5. Aglio e Olio

Often, the simplest is the most delicious. This perfect sauce for spaghetti (also ideal for spaghettini, its classic combination) is made with 5 basic ingredients. For half a kilo of spaghetti, you will need:

• 100 ml. of extra virgin olive oil
• 3 chopped garlic cloves
• Chopped fresh parsley
• Chopped cayenne pepper to taste
• Salt
Aglio e Olio Recipe

In a skillet over medium-high heat, lightly brown the garlic until it changes color. Then, add the cayenne pepper, parsley, and salt. Stir and remove from heat until the pasta is ready. Then, mix in the skillet with the sauce and serve immediately.
Now you just have to enjoy these quick, delicious sauces made with the best Italian ingredients! And if you’re still craving more, we invite you to read our post about the best sauces to accompany stuffed pasta. Don’t miss out!”