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Original recipe for the Aperol Spritz cocktail: The Italian aperitif.

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We adore the Spritz! The unmistakable orange-colored Italian cult aperitif that has spread throughout Europe and which, as could not be otherwise, we prepare at La Mafia with all the respect that we profess to Italian gastronomy.

In Italy, it has not only become the favorite cocktail at the time of the aperitif but also a tradition and a symbol of the lively atmosphere of its cities. Currently, in Spain, its popularity is unstoppable.

But where does the Spritz aperitif come from? How is it prepared? What is its recipe, and why is the alcohol content so important? We invite you to keep reading to discover how this Italian drink is made and the reason for this blend that reigns at the Italian aperitif.

What is the Aperol Spritz?

Aperol Spritz is a famous typical Italian long drink of the aperitif that mixes Aperol, Prosecco, and soda. The color of this refreshing alcoholic beverage is orange, and its flavor is slightly bitter. The official recipe includes Aperol (an Italian alcoholic beverage produced since the early 20th century), the traditional Italian prosecco wine, and soda, which is carbonated water. The variant with Campari is also very popular in Italy, and Spritz is part of the top cocktails in Italy, along with Negroni or Americano.

Alcohol content of Aperol Spritz

The alcohol content is variable, but we can estimate that it is around 15%. The common denominator among the variants is undoubtedly the presence of dry white wine and carbonated mineral water, which must be at least between 40% and 30%, respectively. The remaining 30% is completed with different alcoholic beverages, sometimes mixed, with the aim of obtaining the peculiar orange color of this cocktail.
Recipe for Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz can be prepared with different proportions of ingredients, depending on the desired effect both in alcohol content and bitterness. However, to obtain a balanced and perfect cocktail for the aperitif, we recommend the official recipe of the International Bartenders Association, on whose prestigious list this cocktail appears.


60 ml of Prosecco
40 ml of Aperol or Campari
A dash of carbonated water

How to prepare a Spritz?

1. Add slightly crushed ice to a wine glass.
2. Using a jigger, pour in the Prosecco first.
3. Next, add the Aperol.
4. Add a dash of seltzer or carbonated water.
5. Add a little more ice and stir slightly.
6. To make your cocktail even more refreshing, add half an orange slice.

This is how we serve it in our La Mafia restaurants. So, if you want to enjoy a true Italian aperitif in Spain, you can order it alone or accompanied by a platter of cold cuts and cheeses or with a focaccia.

Discover the origin of Aperol Spritz: the quintessential Italian aperitif drink.
To begin with, do not believe that it is a recent invention! It seems that it was the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire who, at the end of the 19th century, infected the Italians with their passion for the drink. From the historical data that is known, the tough soldiers considered that the wines of the Veneto region were too strong and had excessive alcohol content. For this reason, they began to dilute the wine with carbonated water. While they got a softer drink, this combination prevented them from getting too drunk, which they discovered upon arriving in Italy. The Germanic peoples created a cult cocktail which they named Spritz, derived from the verb spritzen which is how Austrians say ‘spray’.

From the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia regions, the passion for this drink quickly spread to the Padua and Treviso areas.

The cocktail itself was born in the second decade of the 20th century, when a kind of crossbreeding was adopted at the Padua International Fair. Thus, the fusion between Italian Aperol and Austro-Hungarian customs officially constituted the Spritz.
Over the years, the original recipe of the Aperol Spritz has been modified, becoming a true aperitif. Come try it with us at La Mafia!