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The different types of Italian pasta: short, long and filled pasta

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Pasta Lover? Yes, right? Well, this post is dedicated to pasta lovers, those who enjoy the most versatile and famous Italian product, present in a thousand and one recipes.

And the fact is, there are so many types of Italian pasta, that they are almost infinite!

But to differentiate them well, in the following article we are going to see some of the main types of stuffed, short, fresh, and long pasta; perfect for many recipes and combinations with all kinds of ingredients.

Tipos de pasta

Discover the varieties of pasta: an ideal food to accompany all kinds of sauces.

Legend has it that the origin of pasta in Italy dates back to when the intrepid Marco Polo brought it to this country, after one of his trips. But the fact is that things are not clear. However, in this article, we are going to delve into the most common types of Italian pasta that you cannot miss. They are all amazing!

Types of Fresh Italian Pasta

Are you a fan of fresh pasta? Let’s see some of the most common types of fresh pasta.

Egg Fresh Pasta

Firstly, fresh egg pasta is made not with water, but with eggs or egg yolks. The fat in this food is responsible for providing that special texture.
We can find egg pasta as tagliatelle, pappardelle, capellini, spaghetti, cannelloni, lasagna… a wide variety.

Simple Fresh Pasta

This, on the other hand, does not contain egg, but semolina and water. In this category, we cannot forget trenette, orecchiette apulianas, cavatelli, or strozzapreti, among others.

Types of Dry and Short Italian Pasta

Are you able to recognize the type of pasta according to its shape? 2 – Different types of Italian Pasta: Short, Long, and Stuffed

Leaving aside fresh pasta, we find dry Italian pasta: this is divided into two main groups in turn: ridged short pasta and smooth short pasta.

Macaroni or macaroni, penne, rigatoni, fusilli, stortini, tortiglioni… are some types of short pasta.

Ridged Short Pasta

On the one hand, ridged pasta is short, grooved pasta. In this sense, we can include maccheroni, penne, or rigatoni, among others.

Smooth Short Pasta

Fusilli, penne, sedani, calamarata, or conchiglioni are just some examples of smooth short pasta.

Types of Dry and Long Italian Pasta

Are you able to recognize the type of pasta according to its shape? 1 – Different types of Italian Pasta: Short, Long, and Stuffed

Dry long pasta is one that requires, at least, a fork to roll and taste it. Some also use a spoon, although you shouldn’t tell an Italian…

Among the most frequent types of dry long Italian pasta, we see:

Spaghetti Tagliatelle Vermicelli Pappardelle Fettuccine Tagliolini Fettucini Linguini Bucatini Capellini

Varieties of Stuffed Italian Pasta

pasta corta

And what about these varieties of stuffed Italian pasta? You can find them with meat, cheese, vegetables, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and mixtures of them. Delicious!
Ravioli or Raviolacci

Undoubtedly, it is the most popular type of stuffed Italian pasta. Ravioli is a square package filled with two sheets sealed with water and egg. Super tasty!


Another one of the most popular types of Italian stuffed pasta are tortellini. They resemble a thick, round ring and can be filled with many different ingredients.
It is worth noting that, in addition to sauces and creams, tortellini are also eaten in meat broth (tortellini in brodo).


Half-moon-shaped pasta, with square edges and filled with roasted or stewed meat. A pleasure for the palate if you are a meat lover!


As the name suggests, they are shaped like a hat and can be either square or circular. Cappelletti is usually eaten as a main course due to its richness, in addition to being accompanied by broths and soups.


Unlike agnolotti, these half-moons do not contain meat, but rather cheese. Ideal for cheese lovers!


Similar to cannelloni, they are also cylindrical in shape and can be filled with different products such as meat, spinach or cheese.

But in addition to these types of Italian stuffed pasta, we also find: sacotini, caramelli, anolini, mezzaluna, pansotti, fagottini or margherita, among others. Enjoy all these varieties of Italian pasta in La Mafia restaurants.

In the menu of La Mafia se sienta a la mesa we have different types of Italian pasta. Fresh, short, long or stuffed, all of them bathed in different pasta sauces, suitable for all tastes and needs.

Made in our workshop, we follow the traditional Italian recipe to offer you the best possible quality.


With an aristocratic origin name, Mafaldi is a kind of long, flat ribbons, but with curly edges.

In the La Mafia menu, you can taste Mafaldi with different sauces: from our napolitana pomodoro rosso with fresh burrata, to gorgonzola with pistachios; passing through the classic bolognese, among many other options. And you, have you already decided which one to choose?


A classic. Spaghetti has a cylinder shape, very thin, and is also included in this category of long pasta.

Try our Rossini Spaghetti with truffle sausage and mushrooms or the Don Cuccio, accompanied by cream, tomato, chicken, Italian bacon, mushroom, Grana Padano, and spinach sprouts. But we also have spaghetti with four cheeses, with foie gras, prawns, pesto… so many options!

Penne rigate

On the other hand, penne rigate is one of our types of fresh pasta. Similar to macaroni, but with stripes. Try them with arrabbiata sauce, Quatro Formaggi or, if you feel like it, with carbonara. They will become your favorite al dente pasta!

Rigatone al huevo

Larger than penne, rigatone is also a short tube-shaped pasta with stripes on the outside. Undoubtedly, an essential recipe that you can also try in La Mafia. Choose the sauce you like the most and simply enjoy!

Tagliatelle al huevo

Originating in the regions of Marche and Emilia-Romagna, tagliatelle are flat, long ribbons. In our restaurants, you can taste them in different recipes such as Mandorle and foie. And enjoy these tagliatelle with cream, almond, chicken, pepper, and fresh foie shavings, unbeatable!

Tagliollini fino al huevo

A cross between spaghetti and noodles, tagliollini is also a type of long fresh pasta that you can enjoy with all kinds of sauces at La Mafia. Do you like mushrooms? Then our tagliollini fino al boletus is for you. With cream, pepper, black truffle shavings and, of course, boletus.

Tagliatelle al nero

This type of Italian pasta is characterized by its black color, due to squid ink. That’s why, if you’re a seafood lover, we recommend our tagliatelle al nero al aglio con gambones. A sensational dish that, in addition to this Italian pasta, includes prawns, garlic, cayenne, pepper, hot paprika, and good virgin olive oil.


Italian lumaconi is very similar to Catalan galets. In the shape of a snail, this pasta can be filled or not. At La Mafia, we accompany it with different sauces such as Mare e Monti. This delicious mixture is made up of cream, tomato sauce, pepper, mushrooms, garlic, romesco, Grana Padano flakes, and braised prawn and chicken. An explosion of flavor for your mouth.

Fusillone al pepe nero

Do you like pepper? Then these fusillone, a type of short twisted pasta, include this spicy spice. And if you also like cheese, we recommend this type of pasta with our Quatro Formaggi recipe. Enjoy a good fresh pasta with gorgonzola, Grana Padano, emmental, and roquefort.

Potato gnocchi

If you’re looking for an alternative to wheat flour, La Mafia’s gnocchi are made from potatoes and are delicious. Pesto, carbonara, tartufata, bolognese… the options are many and varied!

Cappelli de speck y scamorza

Do you fancy some of our Italian pasta types to fill? These cappelli with Italian speck ham and smoked scamorza cheese are truly wonderful. Again, you can accompany them with the sauce you like best, it’s up to you at La Mafia!

Caramelli de gorgonzola

One of our fresh pastas that you can’t miss are our caramelli de gorgonzola, delicious! To accompany them, we recommend the tartufata sauce made with cream, mushrooms, pepper, and black truffle. A real piaccere!

Beef ravioli

Do you like meat? Then these beef-filled ravioli are extraordinary. And if you fancy a 100% beef pasta dish, don’t miss out on accompanying them with our bolognese sauce. Beef, onion, pepper, homemade tomato sauce, and Grana Padano. What more could you ask for?

Sacotini de pecorino y pera

As the name suggests, they are little pasta sacks filled with pecorino cheese and pear. A sensational sweet-savory pairing. And a perfect stuffed pasta for vegetarians. In fact, if you don’t eat meat, you can accompany them with the Quatro Formaggi sauce, or our Napolitana pomodoro rosso sauce with fresh burrata. The latter is made with spicy pomodoro rosso sauce, homemade tomato sauce, and fresh Italian burrata.
Raviolacci de boletus y trufa

Mushroom lover? Don’t miss out on trying this stuffed pasta with porcini mushrooms and truffles, brought to you from our workshop. And what better way to accompany it than with our Rossini Sauce: Iberian pâté with cream, truffle sausage, mushrooms, arugula, and Grana Padano, pure pleasure!

Foie Panzerotti

Another option for stuffed pasta is these foie panzerotti. With foie bloc, bacon, and caramelized onions, delicious! And to accompany it? You can include our carbonara sauce with cream, Italian bacon, and pepper.

Gluten-free Penne Rigate

At La Mafia, everyone sits at our table, including celiacs or gluten intolerant individuals. Accompany these gluten-free penne with a classic pesto. Fresh basil, pine nuts, EVOO, and Grana Padano, and enjoy!

Gluten-free spaghetti

We also have gluten-free spaghetti. This time, an Arrabbiata Ragú sauce with spicy tomato, pepper, fresh basil, chorizo, beef, and Grana Padano flakes will become your favorite.

Which of our Italian pasta types will you choose? Come to La Mafia now and enjoy this pleasure of Italian gastronomy. We are waiting for you!