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What are the most profitable franchise sectors to invest in Spain in 2023?

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It is undeniable the success of franchises. This business model has fully permeated Spanish society. Since the early 2000s, our country has embraced franchises in all sectors of the workforce.

A well-established brand, management and support, financial flexibility… there are many advantages to a franchise

“Businesses that run themselves,” as franchisees report a significant number of benefits – not just economic ones – thanks to the constant support of the franchisor. But what are the most profitable franchise sectors to invest in Spain in 2023? In this article, we will answer all your questions by telling you which franchises are the most profitable.


Franchising is a profitable and proven investment model

Before finding out which are the most profitable franchise sectors to invest in Spain in 2023, it is important to understand how a franchise works. What makes it profitable?

First and foremost, a franchise is a profitable business because it is a previously tested financial model.It’s a project that is already known by entrepreneurs as well as the public. A franchise is a successful brand that has managed to expand across the country and even internationally.

In this way, a franchise is made up of a consolidated professional team that knows what it is doing, and its prestige is a reality. Indeed, it becomes a guarantee for people who have just decided to start a business.

Furthermore, if you’re wondering which franchises are the most profitable in Spain, it’s important to explain that they are types of businesses with notable financial flexibility. Undoubtedly, franchises are a good economic investment and a bet for the future.

Most profitable sectors to invest in with franchises in Spain in 2023

One of the keys to choosing one type of franchise over another is to understand the market that the business covers. Especially if you are an entrepreneur and this is your first investment, it’s interesting to consider the sector of the brand in question, as some franchises are more profitable than others.

But what are the most profitable franchise sectors to invest in Spain? Let’s take a look at some of the best franchises to invest in in 2023. As you can see, the sectors are quite diverse, from health and wellness to retail, tourism, automotive, or restaurants.

Retail: supermarkets

The term “retail” refers to retail trade, where consumers are provided with goods and services. And what better example than a supermarket: an establishment that can be one of the most profitable franchises to invest in.

Dealing with basic products, supermarkets are part of an essential sector, so attracting customers is not difficult..

Some of the most profitable franchises in this sector are Dia or Eroski. Furthermore, in this same retail sector, bakeries are also thriving as franchises. An example? Santagloria.

Health: opticians, dental clinics, dietetics, and more

Among the most profitable franchises in 2023, it is worth noting those belonging to the health and wellness sector. This is a very broad and diverse sector.

Opticians, dental clinics, aesthetic medicine, diet clinics, orthopedics… there are many types of these profitable franchises in Spain.

And because it’s a business tested by other patients, it’s logical to trust franchises in this case because health is not something to doubt, and trust is crucial for the brand.

Some examples of franchises to invest in the health field are General Optics, a chain of opticians, or VitalDent dental clinics, etc.

Textile cleaning services

Yes, believe it or not, it is profitable to open a franchise of this kind. We are talking about laundries like Do Laundry. Franchises that do not require a large initial investment but are very popular among the public.

Like a supermarket, it is a business that provides a solution to a basic need: laundry.

Clothing and accessories: stores and boutiques

Fashion is also among the most profitable franchise sectors to invest in Spain in 2023. Major clothing chain groups like Inditex franchise their stores in different cities in our country.

Automotive: mechanical centers 

Another sector to invest in franchises is automotive repair shops. Yes, mechanic workshops can also be examples of the most profitable franchises. An example is the Midas brand.

Tourism: travel agencies

In search of profitable franchises in Spain? Tourism is a sector whose importance is evident. Even in travel agencies, brands like Innovatur open their branches all over the country.

But without a doubt, the hospitality and restaurant industry is one of the most profitable franchise sectors in Spain, as many factors favor the development of these business models.


Restaurants and hospitality, a leading sector in investment profitability

When thinking about the most profitable franchise sectors to invest in Spain in 2023, hospitality or restaurant businesses are the winners. Spaniards love bars and restaurants, and like the profitability of franchises, this is undeniable.

The climate, tourism, and the Mediterranean culture in Spain make people spend more time outdoors than at home, which also influences our relationship with the hospitality industry.

In our country, investing in hospitality means economic profitability. Despite being one of the hardest-hit sectors during the pandemic, it has also been one of the quickest to recover. Because even in the toughest times, eating out or having a beer on a terrace became almost a necessity. And today, it has once again become a ritual.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the most profitable franchises for 2023 are in the hospitality sector.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that hospitality franchises can encompass all kinds of businesses: ice cream parlors, cafés, bars, fast-food chains, as well as restaurants.

In this sense, among the most profitable restaurant franchises, we find La Mafia sits at the table. Our small but great family, where Italian-Mediterranean cuisine thrives among our various franchises.

La Mafia

La Mafia, one of the most profitable franchises in Spain

Yes, our brand is one of the most established franchises in our country. We are present throughout Spain, as well as in Portugal, and in 2023, we are starting a new chapter in Andorra. Our piaccere originale (original pleasure) is well-received, and we love it.

If you want to delve deeper and better understand this business model to learn firsthand why you should invest in franchises, don’t hesitate to read our post on what a franchise is, its definition, and key characteristics.

At La Mafia, we have been working in the hospitality sector for over 20 years, innovating in the product and embracing the latest technologies. So, what are you waiting for to open your Italian restaurant franchise?