Open your italian restaurant franchise with La Mafia.

Invest in the business with the highest proven profitability

  1. You don't need to know the business
  2. Easy and simple management
  3. We train your team so they can work together from the first day
  4. We have our own bakery to control the elaboration of our product.
  5. We negotiate with suppliers for you
  6. And what's more, people love our cuisine.

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Our franchisees tell us why they decided to invest in La Mafia.

Our italian restaurant franchises.

"La Mafia se sienta a la mesa was born in 2000, thanks to a great passion for Italian food. After all these years, it has proved to be a successful business concept, based on quality, easy-to-manage Italian-Mediterranean cuisine restaurants, offering good profitability.

The group currently has more than 50 restaurants in Spain and is planning to grow through a master franchise in Portugal.

La Mafia se sienta a la mesa is an option for a managerial entrepreneur profile and for a family franchisee.

We want people who are committed to the project, with an entrepreneurial spirit.

60% of our franchisees have more than one restaurant!

How to invest in a la mafia franchise step by step.

1. Request information.
2. Meet with the Head of Expansion at our headquarters.
3. Sign the franchise pre-contract.
4. Search and approval of premises.
7. Open the restaurant.
6. Execution of the work, training and delivery of documentation.
5. Sign the franchise contract.

What do i need to set up a la mafia italian restaurant?

Minimum investment: From €350,000
(depending on condition and size of premises).

Initial fee: €28,000 + VAT.

Royalty: 5% on sales / 4% multi-franchisee.

Minimum population: 50,000 inhabitants.

Duration of the contract: 10 years.

Great financing options with the following banks:


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